Friday, March 29, 2013

New Homes, Town Homes and Condos in Downtown Raleigh

New Homes, Town Homes and Condos in Downtown Raleigh

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Among the many historic properties in Downtown Raleigh, there are also many new construction options.  With the downtown area becoming more metropolitan and major high tech companies like Redhat and Citrix moving into the area, the demand for new construction options are soaring.  Charm and history aren't for everyone and some people like the crisp modern feel of a high rise condo or the never lived in smell of a new home.  New construction often means less maintenance too, a positive for some home owners.

Here are some new construction options available right now in the Downtown Raleigh area.  If there are any properties you would like to see or any that you would like to receive more information, give us a call we are here to help.

We also have the inside scoop on new projects in the pipeline, so if you don't see anything here that you like - we may just know of something coming soon!