Monday, April 15, 2013

Citrix Project - Follow the Progress Here - Downtown Raleigh Warehouse District

Citrix Project - Follow the Progress Here

Downtown Raleigh Major Construction Project Transforms Old Warehouse

We are keeping a close eye on the exciting new Citrix project in downtown Raleigh.  Anticipated for an opening late this year or early next year, this new building will change the Warehouse District scene.

Future Home of Citrix in Downtown Raleigh's Warehouse District
This will be a major transformation from a run down old warehouse to a high tech, ultra modern facility.  You would know by looking at the site now, that it will transform into the space shown above.  rather than completely destroying the building, Citrix has chosen to save the architectural details and bones of the building and incorporating the brick into the facade.  In true downtown Raleigh style, a perfect mix of the historical and new will be represented in this building.

Citrix Renovations Spring 2013
Although this part of downtown Raleigh has seen a revival in recent years, a new company with many new employees, will bring even more vibrancy to the area.  There are still some great commercial spaces available walking distance to Citrix.  There is not much for the lunch crowd in that area, or walkable housing developments, so if you are looking for a restaurant location or building site, the Warehouse district is a good choice.  Contact Jim Southern, Commercial Property Specialist at Lisa Southern Real Estate.

Stay tuned for more images coming soon as we follow the progress of this amazing project.