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Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter Months

Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter Months

Raleigh NC and Triangle Area Home Selling Strategies

Have you ever given much thought to the best time of year for selling a home? Real Estate agents know there are selling seasons. Most people avoid selling in the winter months.

Several reasons why winter is a slower time for real estate sales are 1) no one wants to move during the holidays 2) it's the middle of a school year 3) weather hampers moving in many areas and 4) yards don't show well when they are barren.

There is little doubt that selling in winter is the least favorite time for anyone thinking of selling, but it's definitely not the worse time of year to sell with regards to getting an offer! Sometimes sellers don’t have a choice and must sell during the winter months for personal timing reasons. Winter months are actually a great time for sellers who are willing to tough it out. There is much less competition on the market for buyers to choose. And generally, those buyers who are looking during the winter months are very motivated.

Often times companies start hiring after the first of the year and people have no choice to move. People fulfill new years resolutions and find new motivation to buy a home or upsize or downsize. Parents and grandparents are often in town for the holidays to help look for a home that they may be offering down payment assistance. And generally, there are always buyers just waiting for the perfect home, not matter what time of year.

Not everybody has the luxury of being able to wait until spring or summer to sell. Sometimes selling in winter is the only option you will have. Here are some good home tips for a speedy and successful sale during the winter months.

Top Tips to Help You Sell Your House in Winter

1. It isn't as easy in winter, but you do still need to concentrate on curb appeal if you want to sell your house quickly. Ironically it can be easier this way with hardscape, outdoor furniture, planters and decor (rather than having to do an instant landscape job with lots of plants). Keep decor clean and simple and don't overdo holiday decorations. Many outdoor decor items can be found on clearance this time of year too. Invest in a new patio set or a water feature or pretty pots you can take with you to your new home.
2. Make sure your heater is serviced and working. You want your home to be warm and welcoming. Anyone who is considering buying the house will want to be sure that next winter, they too will be warm and comfortable. A gas fireplace will always add ambiance; cuddly throws on sofas and beds always complete the look.
3. Make sure that the house smells nice. Without any doubt, pet smells, smoke (both cigarettes and burnt-out fires), and any other musty odors, will count against you. Clean out ashes from the fireplace (or avoid wood burning fireplace use) and don't allow family or guests to smoke inside the house.  Get cooking. Chocolate-chip cookies, freshly baked bread, and freshly cooked pies and pastries will smell good.
4. Make sure that potential buyers visit the house during the day, when there is lots of light. BUT, be sure that your curtains and blinds are clean and your windows have been washed. Turn on lights before buyers arrive so the house shows warm and bright.
5. Add music to the ambiance you have created. Generally soft, classical music will make visitors (including potential buyers) feel at ease. Retailers use music to help sell goods in their shops; you can use music to help sell your house.
6. Add fresh flowers and a few live plants throughout the house. If everything outside is bleak and dreary, make your home feel lively and welcoming.

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