Friday, May 30, 2014

Raleigh New Homes

Raleigh New Homes

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Home

Are you looking for a new home in the Raleigh metro area? There are many homes to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a new home and a new community. 

1. Make a List - Think about all of the things you want your new home to be for your family, including the area, schools, amenities, access to recreation, commute times and of course bedrooms, baths, floor plan, finishes, etc. 

Looking at model homes, sometimes you can be wowed by the decor and the feeling you get and lose sight of some of the things that are really important to you. Make sure the home and the community checks off as many boxes as possible for you before you get excited, buy and then have remorse.

2. Do Your Homework - Research past sales in the neighborhoods where you are interested. Visit as many new home communities as you can and study the finishes and the quality of the craftsmanship. The more properties you view, the better you will get at discerning good quality from bad. 

Research the area too. Especially suburban high growth areas. Make sure that vacant land behind the neighborhood won't end up being something that could someday detract from the value of the neighborhood. Check with City and County planning for road expansion projects and check with the school district for any possible changes.

Research the builders too. See if there are any online reviews or complaints. Check with the local builder's association too. Weigh the costs of upgrades with different builders. Also factor in location, resale potential, and all your needs and wants so you can get a greater understanding of your options and the big picture. 

Also, work closely with a lender to determine what you can really afford. New home list prices, pre-construction, seem like a great deal, until you start adding on the upgrades. Know what you are comfortable in spending and what upgrades cost so you don't break the bank.

3. Think of Resale Value - For all the reasons you love the home, do you think it would appeal to others? Is it close to good schools, within an easy commute of local jobs, what are the surrounding areas like outside of the neighborhood? Does the community offer amenities? Does the builder have a good reputation locally. How are their other developments doing with resales? Have any homes sold in the neighborhood where you are considering buying the new home? These are all things that could affect resale value.

4. Is Resale an Option? - It's nice to be the first person to ever live in a home and have that fresh new home smell and know that no one has ever touched the bathroom or kitchen. But, think about why you really want a new home. Have you looked at resale homes and just didn't find what you like, or did you decide new is the only way to go? Maybe it is right for you, but don't completely rule out resales, you might miss a great opportunity. Sometimes there are even homes less than a year old that come back on the market due to relocation or other factors. Those might be an option too.

5. Get Representation - Did you know that a Realtor can represent you in the purchase of new construction? You do not have to work directly with the sales office. If you are considering new construction in an established neighborhood, a Realtor can represent you and negotiate the best price, terms and conditions with the builder. Your Realtor can also represent you throughout the building process ensuring you get the proper inspections along the way and that your best interests are always represented. Your Realtor can also give you advice on the value of the improvements and upgrades you choose in relation to other homes in the neighborhood. 

The sales office deals with many homes and many clients, your Agent will focus on you and your home. Choose an Agent and get business cards. Tour model homes freely and give the sales person your Agent's card and ask your Agent to contact the builder with any questions. This will protect your position when it comes time for negotiations. Remember, the builder is looking out for their bottom line. Your Agent is looking out for yours.

At Lisa Southern Real Estate we work with Buyer's looking for new homes in the Raleigh metro area. There are many great new developments to choose from here with a wide variety of amenities, styles and finishes. We can help you create your wish list, guide you to communities that meet your needs and help you find the perfect home. We will work with you every step of the way and negotiate every detail, always protecting your best interest.

If you are considering Raleigh New Homes or any of the surrounding areas of the Triangle. Contact Us and let's meet!

Here are some current listings for homes built in 2014, some under construction so you can choose your finishes still.