Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Are You Struggling to Sell Your Older Home?

Are You Struggling to Sell Your Older Home?

How would you like to purchase a brand new home, get away from the irritations of older home maintenance and repairs?

Perhaps you feel like purchasing a brand new home without having to remodel your older home in order to sell it?

Here is how we can help you get moving! 

1. Trade In Program - We will simply buy your home at a mutually agreed upon discounted price. Then we will negotiate a great price on a brand new home.

2. Reduced Commission Program - We sell your home at a reduced commission and you save thousands of dollars that you can apply towards the purchase of the new home. We will negotiate a great price on a new home.

3. Property Management Program - We offer full rental management support with reduced fee’s so you can turn your home into an investment property and buy a new home.

Does that sound exciting to you? 

Call The Southern Group 919-800-0880 straight away and lets see how we can change your life!

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We've helped many people just like you trade in their Old Home on a Brand New Home.

Keller Williams Builder Trade In Program