Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Key Steps to Selling Your Home

10 Key Steps to Selling Your Home 

Your Agent is the Key to the Sale

Unless you’re a registered plumber, you won’t install the plumbing in your home. If you aren't a qualified electrician, you won’t tackle the wiring in your home. So why would you try and sell your home without the necessary know-how?
The short answer to this question is probably because you want to save money, and don’t believe a real estate agent will be able to do the job any better than you can. 
This could be a fatal flaw. 
If this is what you are thinking at the point you decide to sell your home, you may well be on your way into a big hole, where all you do is lose money. 
Unless you have great skills in the property sales arena, and a good bit of experience, there is absolutely no doubt that a real estate agent is the key to a successful sale of your home. Real estate agents are trained to sell homes. It’s not just a matter of sticking up a “For Sale” sign and putting ads on Internet sites and in local newspapers; it takes considerable expertise to sell your home. 
A trained estate agent is the key to selling your home because he or she knows how to price your home, target buyers, negotiate on your behalf and close the deal. They are the professionals who can help you sell your home.  Not all real estate agents are created equal.  Get referrals, ask questions and participate in the process.
The Ten Key Steps to Sell Your Home
Bearing in mind that the agent is key to your sale, here are some of the key steps to sell your home.

  1. Be sure you really do want to sell. 
  2. Decide if you should buy before or after you sell your current house.
  3. Choose an estate agent carefully, and sign an agreement you are both happy with.
  4. Review the plan to sell your home, with your chosen agent.
  5. Agree on the price you advertise to sell your home. 
  6. Consider staging your home and talk to your agent for sound advice.
  7. Assist with, or enable photography to make sure there are visuals and possibly also videos that will help to sell your home. 
  8. Be proactive when it comes to open house days and visits. Make you home stand out. 
  9. Maintain contact with your agent to make sure you know what is going on all the time … remember that your agent is the key to enable you to sell your home. 
  10. Make sure you know what legalities are involved. If you have a good agent he or she will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

I would love to be the agent you interview for the job of selling your home. Please give me a call and let's have a cup of coffee and a chat and let me see how I can make the difference.